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NatureCare Dog

The healthy, natural meat-based feed, storable without refrigerating

NatureCare Hond (Dog) consists of five sausages with an individual unique flavour and/or characteristics. The sausages are 250 grams in weight each and don’t need to be refrigerated or to be kept frozen. The sausages are available in the following flavours and variations: Adult – Chicken, Adult – Lamb/Rice hypo allergen, Adult – Duck hypo allergen, Adult – Special low-calorie and Senior – Chicken.

Product features:

100% natural meat-based meal
100% complete feed to vary the regular feeding pattern
Grain and gluten free options
FOS for healthy intestinal flora
High omega-3 fatty acid content for shiny coat
Free of odouring, colouring and flavouring additives
Supports a healthy bladder environment
Storable without refrigerating
No animal testing

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