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A 100% natural (cold) pressed dog feed for an affordable price
The pressed, natural and wholesome pet foods of Prins are prepared from premium quality raw materials. The kibbles are pressed at a relatively low temperature (approx. 75 °C). The low temperature assists in optimally preserving the favourable properties of the high-quality raw materials and conserving the nutrients present in the raw material.
Due to the high density of the pressed chunk the volume of the daily feed is 15% less by comparison with regular, dry-crunchy products. In other words; less volume, less gastrointestinal stomach load. In short: a complete, healthy pet meal for an affordable price!

Product features:

Pressed chunk is 100% natural product!
Less volume, less gastrointestinal stomach load
Excellent digestibility
Natural antioxidants
Free of odouring, colouring and flavouring additives
Low processing heat at approx. 75°C
Ideal for difficult eaters
No animal testing

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